Tiger Project

Tiger Project

Your involvement is needed. Can you help us?

Many, many animals risk extinction. Some of the awful examples in the world: are the few thousands of rhinos, pandas, the orangutans, 3000 tigers, 1000 gorillas, the mere 30 Àmur leopard....
Don't let this happen!

We must make sure that our children won't draw merely from our memories!



What shall we do?

We need to sustain a work of art open to everybody , to students, to associations and institutions… to everyone and anyone who wants. A project that starts from the tiger, the queen, by giving her the territory. Everyone's participation is needed: visiting the webpage where one can colour the virtual drawing of the tiger and/or with a small paper drawing.

What will we achieve?

If the drawing will be big, big, very big, it will mean that many people achieved it and then, being worth much, it will earn much by its sale and what's earned will be entirely turned into territory: so the tiger's drawing will turn into true territory for the tiger!


We will make two big, big, very big drawings of the tiger one in paper made of all our drawings of the tiger one will be a virtual one, on our website.

On our website, each drawing made is considered to add 10 square centimetres to the overall virtual drawing of the tiger. Paper drawings will be collected only from schools, associations and institutions which received the brochure of the project and wish to support it.

The drafted and collected drawings will be freely used by the iD&A artistic group in cultural shows, exhibitions, art actions and performances in order to achieve awareness and sensibility for the plight of the animal world.

All the raised funds and their beneficiaries can be seen on our website. These funds will be fully and exclusively donated to initiatives, activities and projects dedicated to the safeguard of the tiger and its territory of origin.

Non profit project

We would like to thank in advance institutions, schools, organizations and associations who wish to help spread this project and make it known.
We thank you for the commitment to animal protection.

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